KREBA Reaches Agreement with Metlife  

The Kodak Retired Employees Beneficiary Association (“KREBA”) has reached an agreement with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (“MetLife”) to take over administration and payment of the SIB Benefits previously provided by KREBA. This agreement, reached after the submission and review of bids, followed by lengthy negotiations, will allow KREBA to take advantage of MetLife’s existing systems and efficiencies to provide retirees and their survivors with benefits through a company with a long history of working with Kodak employees, retirees, and survivors. To learn more about the agreement click here.  To access frequently asked questisons click here.

Please remember that all calls and questions regarding non-KREBA benefits should be directed to the Kodak Employee Service Center at the telephone numbers listed below: 

1-888-719-0488 (NEW NUMBER) or 1-866-308-4576

Always check under the Forms/Plan Document section for updated information on the KREBA Plan. Also, there is an updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document under the FAQ section. 




Welcome to the KREBA website. It is our intention that this site describes the path forward for Kodak retiree benefits. In short, to be a source of information for you. It's a place for you to ask questions and get answers, and for you to be heard. If you want to know more about a topic, use the "Contact Us” section on this site. Or if you want to talk to someone, call us toll free at 1-855-823-5534. As retirees ourselves, we will do whatever possible to make sure that information flows to you. We look forward to continuing to work on your behalf. 

KREBA Board of Trustees News

On May 17, 2013 the KREBA Trust Board elected seven new members to serve 2-year staggered terms. The retiring Board members have appreciated the opportunity to serve the Kodak Retirees and look forward to making the Board membership transition a smooth process. Incoming Board Members are anxious to assume their new responsibilities and will make sure that KREBA beneficiaries' needs continue to be met. 

The KREBA Board of Trustees

  Dave Conrad,  Ken Doolittle, Ken Hoffman, Beverly James, Steve Kasiske, Rita Metras, Joe Miller

Ex Officio Trustees

Dave Beck, Cal Graziano

Our Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation to the Retiring Trustees

Gladys Alston,  Andrew Sperr and Bob Volpe




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